EVE Announces ZeBu FAst SynThesis

EVE introduced zFAST (ZeBu FAst SynThesis) synthesis for large designs. The new feature is an add-on for their ZeBu (for Zero Bugs) emulation systems. zFAST is tightly integrated with zCUI, the ZeBu Compilation User Interface, and the use model for zFAST is the same as for commercial FPGA synthesis tools. zFAST is available now for ZeBu. It is priced from $50,000 for the first license. Additional licenses start at $15,000.

zFAST runs over one order of magnitude faster than best-in-class field programmable gate array (FPGA) synthesis. It can map large designs with a small increase in area compared to equivalent tools. zFAST can be parallelized on several PCs, further accelerating the synthesis process and enabling design teams to complete a large synthesis job in minutes instead of several hours. zFAST supporting all three major design languages (VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog).

Unlike other synthesis tools with limited control over optimizations and the garbling of signal names that can occur, zFAST keeps register transfer level (RTL) signals so that ZeBu can generate VCD/FSDB/VPD waveform files with RTL signal names. zFAST supports bottom-up or module-by-module synthesis, as well as top-down synthesis. In addition, it includes ZW-FPGA synthesizable library for FPGA components, namely RTL models for the most common Synopsys’ DesignWare Library components.

More info: EVE