Stratix III FPGA Powers XtremeData Module

XtremeData is using Altera’s Stratix III FPGA for their XD2000i plug-compatible FPGA co-processor module supporting Intel’s front side bus (FSB). The high performance computing solution will supply additional processing power to Intel Xeon processor-based servers. The module plugs directly into the processor socket of dual- or quad-socket servers. It will provide high performance application acceleration ranging from 10x to 100x compared to processors alone, while simultaneously reducing overall system power consumption.

The XD2000i is pin-compatible with and plugs directly into an Intel Xeon processor socket using the low-latency FSB interconnect. The XtremeData module integrates FPGA co-processing in a simple, elegant manner, with minimal disruption to the data-center infrastructure. It supports high-density form factors, including 1U servers, server blades and Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) platforms.

» XtremeData Supports Intel Front Side Bus with Stratix III FPGA
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