Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP Devices Ready to Go

Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) announced the availability of production qualified Spartan(TM)-3A DSP devices. Shipping in production a month ahead of schedule, the Spartan-3A DSP platform offers 20 GMACs for under $30 for a wide range of low cost, data intensive applications including wireless, video surveillance, personal medical and consumer applications. The Spartan-3A DSP platform is part of the Xilinx XtremeDSP(TM) solutions that provide developers with a complete portfolio of programmable logic devices, IP, development tools and third party DSP ecosystem.

The Spartan-3A DSP platform gives developers the opportunity to leverage the flexibility and inherent parallel processing capabilities of FPGAs in low cost and mobile applications. The platform is based on Xilinx’s well-established Spartan-3 generation FPGAs, with the added power management and connectivity features of the Spartan-3A platform. At the heart of the Spartan-3A DSP architecture is the XtremeDSP DSP48A slice that enables designers to implement many independent arithmetic functions.

The 3SD1800A device is priced at USD $29.85 and the 3SD3400A device is priced at USD $44.95. Pricing is for 25,000 units in volume production, end 2008. Customers can go to the Xilinx on-line store or contact their local Xilinx distributor to buy devices today. This includes both the space-saving CS484 and Fine-Pitch BGA FG676 packages with the lead-free option, and in the 4C/-4I and -5C speed grades.

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