Acromag XMC-6VLX Mezzanine Module Features Configurable Virtex-6 FPGA

Acromag XMC-6VLX mezzanine module

Acromag introduced their XMC-6VLX mezzanine module. The XMC-6VLX features a configurable Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA enhanced with multiple high-speed memory buffers, I/O, and numerous high-bandwidth serial interfaces. The FPGA serves as a co-processor applying custom logic and algorithms to streams of remote sensor data. The Acromag XMC-6VLX module is ideal for processing radar, sonar, or video and communication tasks such as encryption or protocol conversion. It is available in a variety of configurations. Prices start at $8250 with upgradeable logic, I/O, and operating temperature capabilities.

Acromag XMC-6VLX mezzanine module block diagram

The FPGA provides rapid processing and is closely coupled to the serial interconnects to prevent data transfer bottlenecks. The board supports 10-Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, and Xilinx Aurora implementations. Front-panel I/O options include dual SFP ports for Fibre Channel or copper Gigabit Ethernet and a VHDCR connector for expanded I/O signal access.

Build options for the Acromag XMC-6VLX module include either the Xilinx XC6LX240T or XC6LX365T FPGA device. Base models are ready for use in air-cooled or conduction-cooled systems. The front I/O option adds two 2.5Gbps SFP connectors and a 36-pin VHDCR connector for JTAG, USB, and 22 SelectIO. SelectIO signals are Virtex-6 FPGA I/O pins that support single-ended I/O (LVCMOS, HSTL, SSTL) and differential I/O standards (LVDS, HT, LVPECL, BLVDS, HSTL, SSTL). All models are available with extended temperature range parts suitable for -40 to 85°C operation.

The rear I/O supports 8-lane high-speed serial interfaces on both the P15 and P16 XMC ports for PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, or Xilinx Aurora implementation. P16 also has 34 SelectIO channels and two global clock pairs direct to the FPGA. The P4 port adds another 60 SelectIO and two more global clock pairs.

Acromag XMC-6VLX Mezzanine Module Features

  • Reconfigurable Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA with 240k or 365k logic cells
  • 2M x 72-bit QDRII SRAM, 128M x 64-bit DDR3 SDRAM
  • 16M x 16-bit parallel flash memory for MicroBlaze program code storage
  • 128Mb platform flash memory to store power-up configuration bit file for Virtex-6 FPGA
  • Dual 8-lane high-speed serial interfaces on rear P15 and P16 connectors for PCIe Gen 1/2, Serial Rapid I/O, 10Gb Ethernet, Xilinx Aurora
  • Dual SFP ports for Fibre Channel or GbE
  • 60 Select I/O or 30 LVDS pairs plus 2 global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P4 port
  • 34 Select I/O or 17 LVDS pairs plus 2 global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P16 port
  • 22 Select I/O, 2 global clock pairs, JTAG, USB, and ground signals via front 36-pin connector
  • DMA support provides data transfer between system memory and the on-board memory
  • Support for Xilinx ChipScope Pro interface
  • Designed for conduction-cooled host card or up to -40 to 85°C operation

More info: Acromag XMC-6VLX Mezzanine Module (pdf)