Xilinx Announces Three First in 20nm All Programmable Devices

Xilinx 20nm product portfolio

Xilinx made three announcements about the execution and introduction of their next generation 20nm All Programmable Devices. The announcements are about the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite, tape out of their first 20nm product on TSMC’s 20SoC manufacturing process, and their first ten customer engagements on 20nm architecture evaluations and implementation activities.

The Xilinx 20nm portfolio builds upon the company’s breakthroughs proven at 28nm to provide an extra generation of system performance, lower power and programmable system integration. The 20nm portfolio will address a wide range of next generation systems and provides the most compelling programmable alternative ever to ASICs and ASSPs.

First Design Tools for 20nm
Xilinx Vivado Design Suite will support initial 20nm devices in March 2013. It is the first design tools for 20nm, and the first SoC strength design suite for programmable devices. At 20nm, the design suite will further accelerate time to integration and implementation by 4x as well as deliver up to 50% power reduction and three speed grades of performance improvement.

First 20nm Product Tape Out
Xilinx will tape out its first 20nm product on TSMC’s 20SoC manufacturing process in the second quarter of this year. Xilinx will be readying device samples this year for strategic customers who can begin implementing next-generation applications. Xilinx optimized its 20nm All Programmable portfolio to address the requirements of ever smarter, highly integrated, bandwidth hungry systems in wired and wireless networks, data centers, vision based systems, and other high performance applications.

First Ten Early Access Customers
Xilinx is now engaging with the first ten customers on 20nm architecture evaluations and implementation activities. With availability of documentation since November 2012, Xilinx has been working closely with an increasing number of strategic customers doing early design work. With the upcoming availability of design tools this quarter, the level of design activity will grow significantly.

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