Sundance SMT712 Dual DAC PXI Express Hybrid Peripheral Module

Sundance introduced their SMT712 Dual DAC PXI Express Hybrid Peripheral Module. The SMT712 integrates two fast 12-bit DACs, 2 banks of 64 bit wide 300MHz DDR2 memory, and 8 lanes of 2.5Gbits/s PXI Express. The SMT712 is powered by a Xilinx Virtex 5 LX110T device, optimized for high performance logic and advanced serial connectivity. The device features 640 User I/O, 64 DSP48E slices and can access both 1GB DDR2 memory banks to store data on the fly.

The SMT712 is optimized for wideband communications and radar applications. The board offers an update rate up to 2.3Gsps and have four 12-bit multiplexed low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) input ports that operate up to 575MHz. They have excellent spurious and noise performance and can be used for synthesis of wideband signals in the frequency range from DC to more than 2GHz. Their 2.3Gsps update rate enables digital generation of signals with more than 1GHz bandwidth.

The SMT712 is a 3U PXI Express peripheral module with two PXI Express connectors: XP4 (PXI timing and synchronization signals) and XP3 (x8 PCI Express and additional synchronization signals). The SMT712 dedicates 8 lanes to the PXI Express bus to give an effective bandwidth per direction of 16Gb/s. The standard SMT712 can plug in any PXI Express Peripheral Slot or any PXI Express Hybrid Slot. Optionally, the SMT712 can be a 3U Hybrid Peripheral Slot Compatible PXI-1 Module that is supplied with the XP4 connector (PXI timing and synchronization signals) and the P1 connector (32-bit, 33MHz PCI Signals).

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