GE Fanuc ICS-8560 Digital Transmitter Module

Today, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the ICS-8560 rugged XMC/PMC digital transmitter module. The ICS-8560 features two channel operation with sampling frequencies up to 400 MHz. The module uses the Xilinx Virtex-4 (FX60 or FX100) FPGA in combination with onboard DAC (Digital-Analog Conversion) resources. The ICS-8560 allows VHF waveforms to be processed and converted directly on the XMC module.

GE Fanuc ICS-8560 Digital Transmitter ModuleAvailable in five ruggedization levels, the ICS-8560 includes two transformer-coupled analog outputs with 16-bit resolution (Analog Devices AD9726) and supports sampling frequencies up to 200 MHz in single data rate mode and up to 400 MHz in double data rate mode. Algorithms such as modulation and digital up-conversion can be developed for implementation in the user-programmable Virtex-4, using the supplied Hardware Development Kit (HDK).

The ICS-8560 provides the user with up to eight lanes of high speed serial I/O via a single XMC connector which is directly connected to the RocketIO buffers of the Virtex-4, providing transfer rates of up to 3.75 Gigabytes/second with XMC-equipped carrier cards.

Windows, Linux and VxWorks software drivers are available.

More info: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms