Mentor Precision RTL, Precision RTL Plus Support for Virtex-5 FXT FPGA

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) announced that support for the new Virtex-5 FXT platform is available now in the Mentor Graphics Precision® RTL and Precision RTL Plus products, providing state-of-the-art synthesis for quickly implementing large, cost-efficient system-level designs that meet target specifications.

The 65nm Virtex-5 FXT platform, with up to two PowerPC® 440 embedded processor blocks as well as high-performance DSP and high-speed serial capabilities, delivers broad system integration capabilities for creating system solutions in support of high-performance applications such as wireless, video, military and aerospace. The processor, DSP and high-speed serial integration help reduce board complexity and lower the overall cost of system design.

The Precision Synthesis product is the centerpiece of Mentor Graphics FPGA flow — a comprehensive vendor-independent solution for FPGA design. With advanced support for ASIC prototyping (support for DesignWare® libraries, SDC constraints, gated-clock handling, etc.) plus advanced implementation and optimization techniques such as automatic mapping and inferencing of dedicated DSP and RAM blocks, the Precision Synthesis product is uniquely suited to handle today’s high-end FPGAs. In addition, the Precision Synthesis product features an award-winning design analysis capability, allowing designers to cross-probe between multiple views as well as to perform interactive static timing for rapid “what-if” analyses. The Precision RTL Plus product offers breakthrough capabilities such as vendor independent physical synthesis which provides industry-leading quality of results, automatic incremental synthesis to reduce the impact of late design cycle changes, and patent-pending functionality which enables the efficient utilization of architectural blocks.

More information: Mentor Graphics