Xilinx SpeedWay Workshops

Avnet Electronics Marketing announced a new series of SpeedWay Design Workshops(TM) featuring Xilinx® technology. The workshops are available in locations across the U.S. through March 2008.

Avnet’s factory-trained field applications engineers (FAEs) have developed materials for the full day SpeedWay Workshops with support from Xilinx’s applications engineers. Based on practical experience and the latest technologies that highlight proven design techniques, attendees will leave these workshops armed with design knowledge and information that can be applied immediately to current projects.

Avnet is offering 20 Xilinx SpeedWay Design courses encompassing general, embedded, DSP and Serial I/O design topics. Course offerings vary by location and include the following:

  • General Design Courses:
    • Introduction to VHDL for FPGAs
    • Fundamentals of FPGA Design
    • Improving Design Performance
    • A Practical Guide to DDR2 Design with Spartan-3A/DS
  • Embedded Design Courses:
    • An Introduction to EDK and the MicroBlaze (Part 1)
    • An Introduction to EDK and the MicroBlaze (Part 2)
    • Embedded Debugging on MicroBlaze
    • Xilinx Embedded Software Development
    • Linux for Microblaze
  • DSP Design Courses:
    • Introduction to Xilinx AccelDSP
    • Xilinx System Generator for DSP: Part I – A Practical Guide
  • Serial I/O Design Courses:
    • Implementing PCI Express in Virtex-5 LXT

More info: Xilinx SpeedWay Workshops