Xilinx Spartan-3A FPGA Production Qualification

Xilinx announced production qualification of its 90nm I/O optimized Spartan-3A platform. This includes all five devices of the Spartan-3A platform including the XC3S50A, XC3S200A, XC3S400A, XC3S700A, and XC3S1400A devices. Xilinx Spartan series FPGAs have become the number one choice of designers worldwide for use in consumer electronic and automotive applications, including digital displays, mobile phones, PDAs, rear-seat entertainment and satellite navigation systems. The company has delivered over 215 million Spartan FPGAs with cumulative revenues of approximately $2 billion.

Xilinx has achieved substantial power reduction in its Spartan-3 generation FPGAs through higher yields and fine-tuning of its proven 90nm process technology that first went into production with fab partner, UMC. Quiescent current (also known as static current) has been reduced by up to 40% in Spartan-3 FPGAs and up to 57% in Spartan-3E FPGAs. Individual power rail requirements have been reduced by up to 90%. Every reduction in quiescent current reduces operating current by the same amount. Reduced current can provide for lower cost power supplies and less heat in the system, improving reliability.

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