Xilinx SERCOS III Real-Time Ethernet

The SERCOS III real-time Ethernet solution is powered by the Spartan-3 FPGA. The SERCOS III solution provides a low-cost flexible alternative for industrial networking applications. SERCOS III is supported by SERCOS International e.V., the world-wide user organization for SERCOS technology. Both the SERCOS III master and slave are hosted by a single Spartan-3 FPGA on the Xilinx industrial networking platform.

SERCOS III is based on the established real time mechanisms of the original SERCOS interface, still using the principle of cyclic data transfer with deterministic timing. This hardware-based synchronization is the indispensable prerequisite for the reliable implementation of challenging motion applications, such as packaging machines, multi-axis machine tools and electronic line shafts in printing machines. SERCOS III has been defined such that any standard Ethernet frame (e.g., TCP/IP) can be transmitted in a non-real time slot, in parallel to the real time processing. Thus, SERCOS III combines the established SERCOS real time mechanisms and standardized parameter set with universal communications based on Industrial Ethernet.

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