Acromag PMC-SLX Reconfigurable FPGA Module

Acromag announced their PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA modules. The PMC modules feature the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, high-throughput PCI-X interface, and dual-ported SRAM (256k or 1M x 64-bit). The base price of the Acromag PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA module is $2895 with extra memory and extended temperature options available. The ready-to-use FPGA computing module is ideal for advanced signal processing applications (such as hardware simulation, in-circuit diagnostics, communications, signal intelligence, and image processing).

Acromag PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA module block diagram

Acromag PMC-SLX Reconfigurable Module Features

  • Reconfigurable Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA with 147,433 logic cells
  • PCI-X bus 100MHz 64-bit interface
  • 256k x 64-bit dual-port SRAM provides direct links from the PCI bus and to FPGA (optional 1M x 64-bit)
  • Supports both front and rear I/O connections
  • 64 I/O or 32 LVDS lines direct to FPGA via rear (J4) connector
  • Plug-in I/O extension modules are available for front mezzanine
  • FPGA code loads from PCI-X bus or from flash memory
  • Other memory options available (call factory)
  • Supports dual DMA channel data transfer to CPU/bus
  • Support for Xilinx ChipScope Pro interface
  • Designed for conduction-cooled host card or -40 to 85°C operation in air-cooled systems
Acromag PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA module

More info: Acromag PMC-SLX User-Configurable Spartan-6 FPGA Modules (pdf)