Innovative Integration Unveils PEX6-COP FPGA Co-processor Card

Innovative Integration introduced their PEX6-COP FPGA co-processor card. The flexible board features an integrated FPGA computing core with an industry-standard FMC IO module on a half-length PCI Express desktop or server card. The FPGA computing core supports the Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA family in densities up to LX550 and SX475. The SX475 offers over 2000 DSP MAC elements operating at up to 500 MHz. The FPGA core has two 9MB QDRII+ SRAM banks, two 256MB LPDDR2 DRAM banks, and a 128MB DDR3 bank. Each memory is directly connected to the FPGA and is fully independent.

Innovative Integration PEX6-COP FPGA co-processor card

The FPGA logic can be fully customized using the Frame Work Logic tool set. The toolset provides support for both MATLAB and RTL designs. The MATLAB BSP supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using the graphical, block diagram Simulink environment with Xilinx System Generator. IP cores for a range of signal processing cores for applications such as wireless, RADAR and SIGINT such as DDC, demodulation, and FFT are also available.

Innovative Integration PEX6-COP Features

  • Desktop/server half length FPGA coprocessor card
  • FPGA Computing Core
  • Xilinx Virtex6 SX315T, SX475T, LX240T or LX550T
  • FMC site conforms to VITA 57
  • Over 80 LVDS pairs directly connected to the FPGA and x10 lanes at up to 5 Gbps per lane
  • FMC site offers full support for the high pin count connector
  • FMC readily adapted to application-specific custom modules
  • 2 Banks of 1GB DRAM (2GB total)
  • 2 banks of 9MB QDRII+ SRAM (18MB total)
  • 128MB DDR3 DRAM
  • 32Mb FLASH
  • Dual sample clock inputs
  • High speed trigger inputs support multi-card synchronization and coordinated sampling
  • Gen2 x8 PCI Express providing 4 GB/s burst and 2 GB/s sustained transfer rates
  • Secondary x4 port can be used as Aurora ports (x4 to x1), as a second PCI Express x4 port
  • Power is less than 15W for typical operation
  • Configures from on-card FLASH
  • Temperature monitoring
  • High temperature option: 0° to +85° C
PEX6-COP PCI-Express Coprocessor with FMC + FPGA block diagram (Innovative Integration)

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