Precision Synthesis, Xilinx SmartGuide Combo

Precision® Synthesis, from Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT), combined with Xilinx® SmartGuide(TM) technology, reduces design time. Test results conducted jointly over the past year using Mentor’s Precision Synthesis tool and the Xilinx SmartGuide functionality show that users saved an average of 40% in mapping and place-and-route (P&R) time. The combined solution preserves unchanged portions of the design when making small changes, reducing overall design iteration time. Tests performed at Xilinx show that over 97% of the components went unchanged and quality of results (QoR) was maintained in the process. These results have also been verified by mutual customers.

The collaboration between Xilinx and Mentor delivers an integrated solution covering synthesis, mapping, and place-and-route. Xilinx SmartGuide technology, combined with the Precision Synthesis solution, is reducing FPGA design implementation time for designers as well as eliminating surprises in timing late in the design cycle. The combined solution minimizes the impact of late-cycle design changes.

SmartGuide minimizes implementation differences between two versions of the same design. SmartGuide can be enabled with minimal changes to an existing design flow. Faster runtimes will be realized and timing will be preserved for small design changes that are not on a critical path. Based on benchmarks from a suite of 155 designs, SmartGuide reduces runtime by an average of 3X with some designs achieving 10X faster runtimes.

Mentor’s incremental synthesis is an automatic, “push-button” technology that quickly and predictably optimizes the process of incremental design changes. Combining incremental synthesis with incremental place and route can result in shaving days off current design cycles by localizing the impact of design changes.

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