65nm Production Qualification for Xilinx LX50, LX50T FPGA

Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) announced production qualification of the first two devices in its 65nm Virtex(TM)-5 FPGA platform, the LX50 and LX50T. The company is now shipping a total of 13 devices across three of the family’s four platforms (LX, LXT, and SXT), providing the highest performance and lowest power without compromises, the industry’s only built-in PCI Express(R)(TM) endpoint and Gigabit Ethernet blocks, and the industry’s highest DSP performance.

Through key design team innovations in process technology, architecture and product development methodology, Virtex-5 FPGAs provide Xilinx customers with unprecedented performance and density gains– at speeds on average 30% higher and 65% increased capacity over previous generation 90nm FPGAs – while reducing dynamic power consumption by 35%, maintaining the same low static power and consuming 45% less area.

The Virtex-5 LXT and SXT platforms offer built-in PCI Express endpoint and Gigabit Ethernet blocks backed by a complete high-speed serial I/O design solution that leads the industry in cost and ease-of-use, while the SXT platform provides the industry’s highest DSP performance combined with the robust Virtex-5 serial I/O solution.

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