Virtex-6 FPGA-Based LogicBench for System-Level Design Verification

Xilinx and Hitachi Information & Communication Engineering introduced a new LogicBench series. LogicBench is a system-level design verification platform. The new series uses Xilinx Virtex-6 LX760, and other Virtex-6 FPGA sub-families. The series consist of LogicBench Virtex-6 4 FPGA module, LogicBench Virtex-6 2 FPGA module, and VirtualTurbo-III PCI Express board.

LogicBench system-level design verification platform - Xilinx and Hitachi

LogicBench Features

Model LogicBench Virtex-6
4 FPGA module
LogicBench Virtex-6
2 FPGA module
PCI Express board
FPGAs Virtex-6 LX760 FPGA x 4 Virtex-6 LX760 FPGA x 1
Virtex-6 LX550T FPGA x 1
Virtex-6 LX550T FPGA x 1
Virtex-6 LX240T FPGA x1
Logic density
Scale of 24M ASIC gates
(2.4x current products)
Scale of 10M ASIC gates Sale of 5M ASIC gates
  • 40-layer high-density printed circuit board (120mm X 140mm) with direct wiring with inter-signal loss cue, SI-optimized design
  • 500MHz signal connection speed between FPGAs (2.5x faster than the previous generation)
  • Support for up to eight PCI Express Gen2 lanes
  • To be used as LogicBench base board
Memory   Large-capacity DDR3-SDRAM Large-capacity DDR3-SDRAM
Interfaces High-speed LVDS Industry daughter card standard
FMC (FPGA mezzanine card)
  • Industry daughter card standard FMC (FPGA mezzanine card)
  • PC interoperation option available
Applications Ideal for mobile device base-band processing, development prototyping of multi-processor and other ultra-large-scale ASIC applications Ideal for verification of communications, image processing, and other memory-intensive processes running in realtime
  • Hardware-software co-development
  • Accelerating algorithm design and logical simulations

LogicBench series are verification platforms for algorithm design, large-scale integration (LSI) feature testing, hardware-software integration testing, FPGA prototyping system verification, and all other system design processes. By combining system-level modeling technology, it enables architecture exploration for LSI development and advanced software development from an early stage and provides an ideal prototyping environment for developing image-processing, network, and other devices requiring complex algorithms.

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