Dynalith and Impulse C to FPGA Prototyping System

Dynalith Systems and Impulse Accelerated Technologies teamed together on a tool kit for engineers simulating and prototyping high performance computer systems. The tool is based on Xilinx FPGAs and supports a full development path from Visual Studio, GCC, and other compilers, through hardware/software partitioning to a deployable FPGA-based development board. The integrated tool kit features Impulse C and Xilinx-based development boards from Dynalith.

The integrated tool flow streamlines development by creating an environment for hardware/software partitioning experimentation, and by automatically generating APIs. Software developers in particular are looking to accelerate algorithms in programmable platforms, but have been traditionally limited by the complexities of generating appropriate hardware interfaces to streams, signals memories and I/O. This new kit automates these.

A big benefit of the integrated tool kit is being able to run host programs along with logic operating in FPGA fabric. A wide range of host programs are available as a part of Impulse C, including royalty free, ready to run image processing, financial, math, and scientific programs.

By integrating Impulse and Dynalith technology, the software part can be run by the host computer, while the hardware part runs on multiple FPGA streams. HW and SW are connected through industry standard hardware channels such as PCI, PCIe, or USB.

More info: Impulse Accelerated Technologies | Dynalith Systems