Pico Computing E-18 FPGA Development Card

The E-18 development card, from Pico Computing, is a compact, laptop compatible solution for FPGA development and for scalable parallel computing. The E-18 was developed as a next-generation replacement for the E-16 ExpressCard. The E-18 is an ideal for algorithm prototyping. It can also be deployed as a stand-alone embedded device or as part of an FPGA computing cluster.

PICO E-18 (ExpressCard/34 Format) Highlights

    Pico E-18 development FPGA card

  • Virtex-6 LX75T FPGA
  • 128MB DDR3
  • x1 PCI Express Lane
  • JTAG for Debugging

The first-generation E-18 card can be equipped with a Xilinx Virtex-6 LX75T or LX130T FPGA device. 128MB of DDR3 memory are provided on the card, along with 64MB of Flash memory for on-card storage of FPGA bitmaps. Software tools and APIs compatible with Windows and Linux are provided for host-to-card communications and for device programming.

For high performance computing applications, up to seven Pico E-18 cards can be installed into a PCIe carrier card, and multiple carrier cards can be installed into a single 4U rack mounted chassis to create a scalable FPGA cluster.

The Pico E-18 card is packaged in a compact ExpressCard/34 format compatible with many modern laptop computers. It is ideal for FPGA algorithm prototyping and deployment. Applications for the E-18 include digital signal processing, encryption, image and video processing, bioinformatics, and low-latency financial data handling.

More info: Pico Computing