Xilinx AccelDSP Synthesis Tool, System Generator 9.2

Xilinx (Nasdaq: XLNX) released version 9.2 of the AccelDSP(TM) synthesis tool and System Generator for DSP. The updated DSP development tools deliver 38% faster Fmax performance for multi-rate DSP designs and improved ease of use. The latest version provides higher-levels of performance as well as a tighter integration between the two tools to simplify the FPGA design flow for developers who use both the MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) modeling environments concurrently.

Using System Generator for DSP, developers of multi-rate DSP designs will see up to a 38% improvement in Fmax performance when using version 9.2 with no modification to existing designs. A new mapping algorithm has been implemented that uses register duplication and placement based on recursive partitioning of loads on high fanout nets typical of multi-rate designs. This and other enhancements deliver the ease of use, levels of abstraction, and quality of results demanded by designers new to FPGAs who are increasingly selecting programmable logic as their hardware platform of choice.

The System Generator for DSP tool and AccelDSP synthesis tool are each sold separately and available immediately through the Xilinx Online Store. The System Generator for DSP tool and AccelDSP synthesis tool are priced at $995 and $4995 respectively.

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