Xilinx Digital Pre-Distortion Reference Design

The Digital Pre-Distortion Reference Design, from Xilinx Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) is based on its Virtex(TM) family of platform FPGAs and XtremeDSP solutions that is optimized for Freescale Semiconductor’s RF power laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) devices for wireless infrastructure. The Xilinx DPD reference design can be used to develop LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA multi-carrier systems and complements existing Digital Front End reference designs available from Xilinx.

This new reference design requires less than a quarter of the available slices and a third of the memory resources in the smallest DSP optimized Virtex-4 SX device, providing system designers the lowest cost and power and the most flexible and adaptable solution in the market today.

Power Amplifiers account for a significant portion of a base station’s operating expenditure (OpEx) due to their lack of efficiency with complex signals. Designers can use digital pre-distortion (DPD) to improve efficiency and reduce cost. This technique preconditions the signal entering the amplifier to compensate the non-linear transfer characteristics of the power amplifiers, resulting in a more linear, higher output power radio. Alternatively, the technique allows the system designer to choose a smaller output stage if desired, saving both cost and power.

The Xilinx DPD reference design and application notes will be available free of charge in April 2008.

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