Xilinx CoolRunner-II Starter Kit

Xilinx’s (Nasdaq: XLNX) CoolRunner(TM)-II CPLD starter kit is for prototyping high volume, ultra low-power applications (handheld devices, smartphones, motor control interface, and embedded CPLD applications). The kit enables users to quickly develop and test applications while reducing design time and risk by leveraging its modular board architecture approach with multiple boards designed to work together.

The kit includes an evaluation board with eight expansion connectors; three modules including PS2, seven-segment display, and slide switch; ISE(TM) WebPack(TM) design software; and a vast array of reference designs to shrink development time. An optional peripheral module bundle consisting of A/D, D/A, motor control, stereo amplifier, serial port, and other modules expand the functionality.

The Xilinx(R) CoolRunner(TM)-II CPLD Starter Kit is available immediately for USD $49.95. The optional CoolRunner-II CPLD Peripheral Module Bundle (includes eight different expansion module cards) is available for USD $99.00.

Xilinx(R) CoolRunner(TM)-II CPLDs offer the lowest power consumption, highest I/O count per macrocell, and smallest packaging in the industry and are cost optimized to address the pricing pressure of products designed for a broad spectrum of applications. Available in densities ranging from 32 to 512 macrocells, the CoolRunner-II family achieves performance of up to 323 MHz and pin-to-pin delays as fast as 3.0ns while providing a standby power of less than 33 microwatts (<33uW), an industry first.

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