Programmable Solutions India 2007

Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) and CG-CoreEl will host Programmable Solutions India 2007 on December 11, 2007 in Bangalore and December 13, 2007 in Hyderabad. The events offer a full-day, complimentary line-up of keynotes, presentations, demonstrations and solution centre exhibits at each location to showcase industry-leading programmable solutions. Attendees will learn about silicon, IP, software, solutions and services from Xilinx and its network of solution providers, including Avnet, Nu Horizons, Agilent Technologies, Mentor Graphics, Wind River, iWave, Synplicity, and Nital.

Programmable Solutions India 2007 is designed for product development managers, system architects, hardware and software engineers, embedded and DSP engineers, Design Engineers, Design Managers, Engineering Managers, as well as executives and industry analysts.


Building a Globally Successful Technology Product Company from India
10:00 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. (Bangalore only)
Sanjay Nayak – CEO and Managing Director, Tejas Networks, Bangalore
The CEO of Tejas Networks, a leading provider of next-generation optical networking products for global markets, will describe the critical success factors for building a globally successful technology product company from India.

Digital Convergence is Finally Here: How Can Xilinx Help?
9:10 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (Bangalore, Hyderabad)
Krishna Rangasayee, Senior Director, Vertical Markets and Partnerships, Xilinx, Inc.
A discussion of key trends, opportunities and challenges presented by digital convergence for both infrastructure and consumer applications, followed by an overview of how Xilinx can help customers to capitalize on the business opportunity while successfully overcoming the challenges.


  • Xilinx Solutions for Wired and Wireless Communications Markets
    An overview of Xilinx solutions for wired and wireless communications in enterprise and telecom (metro/access/transport), including wired communications solutions in the line card, switch card and processor card, and wireless communications solutions in the radio card, channel card and network card.
  • Reduce Serial I/O Power, Cost and Complexity with Virtex(TM)-5 LXT FPGAs
    A discussion on how to simplify design using a low-power, area-efficient, serial I/O FPGA solution.
  • How to Design With and Take Advantage of the PCI Express(R) Compliant Endpoint Controller in Virtex-5 FPGAs
    Learn how to implement a PCI Express application, taking full advantage of the programmable features in an FPGA for backplane, cabled and other types of designs.
  • Low-Cost to High-Performance Memory Interface Design Made Easy with Xilinx Virtex and Spartan(TM) FPGAs
    A tutorial on how to address various memory interface design challenges ranging from low-cost implementations to high-bandwidth and short-latency memory controllers — including tips and tricks for using Xilinx software and hardware verification tools to shorten the design cycle.
  • Xilinx Solutions for Industrial, Scientific & Medical Markets
    An overview of Xilinx high performance solutions for ISM vertical applications including industrial networking, machine vision, surveillance and motor control, followed by a brief look at the company’s solutions roadmap.
  • Xilinx Design Tools to Simplify Design, Planning and Optimization
    An overview on how Xilinx software design tools can help improve designer productivity in today’s increasingly complex, FPGA-based designs.
  • Design Security Features of Xilinx Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs
    Overview on how to leverage the unique DeviceDNA design security features of the low-cost Spartan-3 generation FPGA family to protect products and profits from the increased prevalence of counterfeiting in the semiconductor electronics industry.
  • Running Real-Time Linux on Xilinx MicroBlaze(TM) Embedded Processor
    A discussion of how to use MicroBlaze processors with Xilinx EDK 9.2i tools to design high performance systems. Real-world customer designs can now include MicroBlaze processors with memory management unit to enable use of the Linux operating system. EDK 9.2i tools support MPMC3, TEMAC and PCIe hard and soft blocks, and USB.
  • Xilinx Aerospace & Defense Overview
    This presentation will summarize Xilinx solutions for aerospace and defense applications. Discussion will review the QPRO(TM) family roadmap, specific packaging, and solutions for military/defense, avionics and aerospace applications.
  • DSP Design Automation using Xilinx FPGAs
    This session will highlight the advantage of using Xilinx silicon and software solutions to reduce DSP development cycle time, specifically for defense-related applications.
  • Xilinx Solutions for Military Communications
    An overview of military communications and software defined radio solutions, including silicon, tools, IP and development platforms.


  • Eye Scan” Demo
    Demonstration of Xilinx serial connectivity solutions using the GTP transceiver on a Virtex-5 LXT device. The “eye scan” is a key technique in designing a high-speed SERDES channel with predictable, reliable results and maximum design margins.
  • Design Security Solution Demo
    Demonstration of Xilinx Spartan-3A/AN design security solution. Demonstration on how the company’s unique Device DNA feature can be used to protect applications using a security algorithm.
  • BlueCat Linux Reference Design
    Spartan FPGA demonstration using MicroBlaze embedded processing on a web server running the BlueCat Linux real-time operating system. The MicroBlaze Development Kit — Spartan-3E 1600E Edition — is designed to aid the user in utilizing the development board efficiently, while demonstrating BlueCat Linux os running on the MicroBlaze soft processor.
  • Xilinx SDR Development Platform
    Demonstration of the rapid development of an SCA-compliant handheld radio. A complete radio development system — from baseband to RF — fully instrumented for power measurement to enable intelligent low-power development. The Development Platform enables reduction of size, weight, and power for mobile, handheld, and small form factor SDRs used in military, public safety and commercial radio applications.
  • Virtex-5 LXT ML561 Advanced Memory Interfaces Tool Kit
    Demonstration of a complete development platform for interfacing with external memory devices, allowing designers to implement high-speed applications with extreme flexibility using IP cores and customized modules.
  • H.264 Main Profile Decoder
    Demonstration on how Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs address high performance and cost-sensitive applications, helping today’s designers address the stringent design requirements for H.264/AVC decoders.

Taj Residency Hotel, Bangalore and ITC Kakatiya, Sheraton Hotel, Hyderabad
December 11, 2007 and December 13, 2007

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