inrevium TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R Frame Grabber Board with Spartan-6 FPGA

Tokyo Electron Device introduced the TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R half-size PCI Express frame-grabber board. The TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R features an Xilinx Spartan-6 LX150T FPGA with an internal 3.125 Gbps transceiver. The inrevium board supports the CameraLink PoCL (Power over Camera Link) interface standard. The TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R can capture images simultaneously from two PoCL-Base channels and one PoCL-Lite channel via 4-lane PCI Express Gen1 and includes 512 Mbyte of on-board image buffer memory. The availability of FPGA designs and a PC application also help significantly shorten customer product development times.

Tokyo Electron Device TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R PCI Express frame-grabber board

inrevium TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R Features

  • XC6SLX150T-3FGG676C FPGA
  • FPGA design and PC application included:
    • FPGA configuration data
    • FPGA design source code (excludes PCI Express and DMA IP core)
    • Image capture PC application
  • DDR2 SDRAM chip x 2
  • PCI Express Gen 1 x 4 lanes
  • General-purpose pin header
  • Interfaces
    • PoCL-Lite x 1ch
    • PoCL-Base x 2ch
    • UART
    • RS-422
    • GPIO

By supporting the CameraLink PoCL standard, the board facilitates the design of more compact products by allowing the connection of PoCL-capable cameras via a single cable and providing power supply and control as well as supporting the wide-band data transmission and image processing required for video data. This makes the board ideal for machine vision applications that require high-speed image transmission and image processing, such as imaging and inspection systems in industrial or medical equipment.

inrevium TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R frame-grabber board

More information: Tokyo Electron Device