Nallatech PCIe-287N Network Processing Card Features Two Kintex-7 FPGAs

Nallatech PCIe-287N FPGA network processing card

Nallatech introduced their PCIe-287N FPGA network processing card. The network accelerator card features two Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA devices. It is the industry’s first 7 Series FPGA network processing card. The Nallatech PCIe-287N FPGA network processing card is shipping now. The board is ideal for real-time network filtering, cyber security, high frequency trading and algorithm acceleration applications.

Nallatech PCIe-287N Network Accelerator Card

The two Kintex-7 FPGAs of the PCIe-287N are directly coupled to four SFP+ ports. They support a range of Ethernet protocols, including 1 and 10GbE, SONET and OTN. Each FPGA utilizes multiple independent banks of high-bandwidth, QDR-II+ SRAM and DDR3 SDRAM to support random access and deep storage. A third FPGA provides a PCI Express interface supporting sustained bandwidths up to 5GBytes/sec.

Nallatech PCIe-287N FPGA Card Features

  • Form factor: full-height, full-length PCI Express
  • 4.376 x 9.5 inches (111 x 241mm)
  • Single-slot width
  • 8-lane PCI-Express 2.0
  • Up to 5GB/s total host bandwidth
  • 2x Xilinx Kintex-7 K325T user FPGA (Please contact Nallatech for other supported FPGA options)
  • 8-bit single-ended GPIO between user FPGAs
  • 6 independent 9 MByte banks of QDR-II SRAM memory, 1.5GB/s maximum bandwidth per bank
  • 2x 1GByte bank of DDR3 SDRAM memory (fixed), 7.2GB/s maximum bandwidth
  • 4x SFP+ ports
  • AMP-QT2225 PHY layer bridge chip, supports 1G (1000BASE-X and 1000BASE-T) and 10G (10GbE LAN/WAN and 10GFC) operation
  • AMCC interface IP core included
  • Option of no PHY – provides direct input into GTX ports on FPGA with support for various protocols (appropriate IP required)
  • SMA input to FPGAs for ns accurate time-stamping
  • 3 tri-color LEDs per user FPGA for user designs + 3 card status LEDs
  • NallaLIB API for 64-bit Linux
  • Runtime FPGA programming, hardware control, and application communication Development and debug software
  • Optional Framework Builder Dev Kit
  • Supports multiple design flows including VHDL and Verilog
  • Compatible with Xilinx ISE and all major synthesis design flows
  • Access to onboard JTAG header for Chipscope and iMPACT

More info: Nallatech PCIe-287N Network Accelerator Card (pdf)