Robocon Robot Features Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA

The winner of the Robocon competition was powered by Xilinx, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: XLNX) programmable solutions. The rebot was designed by students from Xi’an Jiao Tung University. Robocon is an event in which engineering students compete to design the best robot for a specific challenge. Initiated by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union in 2002, the annual competition is designed to foster strategic thinking, leadership and team-building skills.

The winning team deployed a Xilinx Spartan(R)-3E FPGA to connect the sensor and actuator systems to the on-board microprocessor while exploiting the high-performance DSP capabilities of a Spartan-3A DSP device to enable high-speed video detection. A Xilinx MicroBlaze(TM) soft processor acted as the central communication bridge connecting the robot’s main subsystems.

Xilinx FPGAs were selected for the winning robotic design because the flexible architecture allowed the team to implement multiple design iterations, allowing more creativity as they tested different design theories.

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