XACQ-S2E Rapid Acquisition, Prototyping Board

The XACQ-S2E analogue input/output card, from XAD Communications, features a Xilinx Spartan 200E FPGA device. The rapid acquisition/prototyping board enables real time implementation of digital designs on multi platforms. At the heart of XACQ-S2E, lies the 200K gate Xilinx XC2S200E FPGA. The digital connectivity to outside world is provided by a Cypress based CY7C68001 USB2.0 controller as well as by 2 headers compatible with Texas Instruments based DSK/EVM boards’ Memory and Peripheral Interfaces. A 10-bit ADC/DAC pair provides full duplex stereo IQ signal conversion at sampling rate up to 20MS/s.

XACQ-S2E contains 28 GPIO (general purpose input output) pins, 3 input switches and 3 LEDs for diagnostic and debug purposes. XACQ-S2E has on board FLASH memory to support stand alone operations. A JTAG port lets the user programme the FLASH memory as well as the FPGA using a parallel port programming cable JTAG-PP.

This versatile product can be used as a standalone board booting from the on board FLASH memory, a hardware accelerator connected to the PC through the USB2.0 port or as a daughterboard plugged to the TI compatible DSP boards using EMIF/EPIF interface.

The XACQ-S2E is ideal for use as a high speed acquisition card for quick development and testing and can also be used as an OFDM transmitter/receiver, a low data rate MIMO demonstrator or single carrier modem development platform.

More info: XAD Communications | Kane Computing (distributor)