X-Fest Kicks Off in China

X-Fest kicked off in Beijing and Shanghai earlier this month with about 300 delegates at each location. X-Fest events will continue to run throughout April in five other China cities including Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xian, and Shenzhen. X-Fest will continue its global tour throughout May-July 2007 in locations in Asia, including Korea, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. X-Fest events are also planned throughout Europe, Japan, and North America.

X-Fest offered training on design solutions for FPGA circuitry and the components surrounding FPGAs. In addition to technical sessions, attendees in Shanghai and Beijing also witnessed demonstrations and displays sponsored by Agilent Technologies, Analog Devices, Hirain, Lauterbach, LynuxWorks, National Semiconductor, Rigol, Synplicity, Texas Instruments, The MathWorks, and Xilinx, which offered a unique opportunity to explore some of the latest design solutions.

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