OptNgn FFT WFTA Kernels Library for Mentor Precision RTL Synthesis

OptNgn has validated their FFT WFTA Kernels Library of streaming IP cores for use with Mentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis. The Winograd Fourier Transform (WFTA) kernels, along with their derivative 1D and 2D libraries, represent a vendor independent and high throughput way to use the cache-free FFT power available in FPGA coprocessors. Designers can now use libraries of cost effective RTL FFT elements in both their FPGAs and ASICs, knowing that they can be highly optimized by the Mentor Precision RTL Synthesis toolset. The FFT libraries are ideal for applications in wireless (3/4GPP LTE OFDM/MIMO) and convolution flow based signal filtering and object recognition in the audio, video, and scientific areas.

More information: OptNgn Software