Xilinx to Showcase Video Over IP and Broadcast Platforms at IBC 2011

Xilinx will take part in IBC 2011. The company will demonstrate programmable platforms that assist broadcast equipment makers in building systems capable of delivering content over traditional SD/HD/3G-SDI and AES3 connections as well as bridging to video over IP networks whilst maintaining highest possible video quality. IBC 2011 will take September 8-13 in Amsterdam.

Xilinx Exhibition Demos

Implement and Adapt to Emerging Network Technologies
This demonstration features the SMPTE 2022-5/-6 intellectual property core, which enables the adoption of lower cost Ethernet networks for transporting uncompressed video, support for up to 6x HD-SDI or 3x 3G-SDI video interfaces with excellent jitter performance, and support for SMPTE 2022-5/-6 Video over IP designs. This demo will showcase the intellectual property core running on the Virtex-6 FPGA as well as the Targeted Design Platform concept supported by the SDI interface on the FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) standard and its ecosystem supported by Xilinx.

Remove External VCXOs for SDI Reference Clocks
This demo will show how to remove the VCXO components from multichannel SDI designs through FPGA integration, resulting in a significant bill of materials reduction (up to $20 per video output channel). Using capabilities built into Xilinx transceivers, the reference design allows all transmit SERDES to be used with unique clock rates, decouples FPGA fabric noise from the SERDES, performs with low jitter, and uses no extra power. The VCXO removal reference design is available for Virtex-6 FPGAs, next generation 7 series FPGAs and Zynq Extensible Processing Platforms.

Lowering Power and Heat in Broadcast Applications with 7 Series FPGAs
Xilinx will demonstrate how SDI support on the Kintex-7 FPGA can reduce cost and power by up to 50% without sacrificing performance compared to previous generation FPGAs. The industry’s first 28nm FPGA enables smooth migration of designs from previous generation Virtex-6 FPGAs and across the 7 series FPGAs.

IP Cores for Real-Time 1080p60 and 4K Video Processing
Xilinx’s Real-Time Video Engine Targeted Design Platform running on Virtex-6 FPGAs and Spartan-6 FPGAs illustrate the use of the Targeted Design Platforms for prototyping and implementing video processing chains in broadcast equipment. The Targeted Design Platform can be used for new video designs or to expand the features set of existing designs.

Reduce Video Bandwidth and Storage Requirements Without Sacrificing Video Quality
Vanguard Software Solutions (Xilinx Alliance Member ) will showcase their H.264/AVC-I and AVC-Ultra Video Codec core, which will show broadcast equipment manufacturers how to quickly and easily integrate AVC-I Class50 and Class100 and AVC-Ultra (up to 300 Mbps) into their broadcast systems, which ultimately leads to lower cost of using hard-disk over tape by enabling smaller file sizes which further drives the need for SMPTE 2022-5/-6.

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