VMETRO Introduces V5+C DSP Development Kit

This week, VMETRO(TM) and Impulse Accelerated Technologies released the V5+C DSP development kit. The V5+C is an advanced platform for rapid prototyping and algorithm development. The kit, which includes the latest-generation Impulse C-to-VHDL compiler tools and a VMETRO PMC module based on the Xilinx(R) Virtex(TM)-5 FPGA, allows military and industrial system developers to hardware–accelerate DSP algorithms and quickly prototype on FPGA within an ANSI C environment.

With the V5+C kit, software application developers can easily move ANSI C algorithms to an FPGA-accelerated platform. Experienced hardware developers will see a faster path to a working prototype from higher-level C code.

The V5+C kit extends the ability to develop DSP algorithms in ANSI C by enabling C applications to directly interface to VMETRO-provided hardware IP blocks, eliminating the need for developers to use VHDL to interface their hardware-accelerated algorithms to the VMETRO’s IP blocks for the Virtex-5 FPGA. The Impulse C Platform Support Package (PSP) for the PMC-FPGA05 is the key link enabling the integration of VMETRO’s IP blocks and C applications. The PSP provides C-callable interfaces to the VMETRO PMC-FPGA05 PMC module’s PCI-X bus, the QDR and DDR memories, and more.

The V5+C kit includes a PMC-FPGA05 on a PCI-X carrier card along with the Impulse C tools and PSP. Early adopters will receive special factory training and design support on their first algorithm. The discount price for early adopter customers is $9,995.

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