VMETRO MM-6171 Buffer Memory XMC Module

VMETRO’s MM-6171 is a buffer memory node in an XMC form factor with support for Serial RapidIO® or PCI Express®. The MM-6171 is a rugged COTS product providing 2 to 4GB of high speed buffer memory. Primarily used in Digital Signal Processing systems for high-speed temporary storage, expanded system memory, interleaving and data aggregation and warehousing, the MM-6171 is ideally suited for embedded applications such as radar signal processing, signal intelligence and image acquisition that require buffering capability with a FPGA memory controller.

VMETRO MM-6171 Buffer Memory XMC Module Block Diagram

The MM-6171 includes a bus interface and DMA engine. The Serial RapidIO x4 interface runs at 3.125GHz with a corner-turning, striding DMA engine for advanced functionality in DSP systems. For PCI Express applications, the x8 bus interface runs at 2.5GHz and also provides a full-featured DMA engine.

Conforming to the VITA 42 mezzanine standard, the card interfaces to the host through the P15 connector. Four to eight high-speed serial links running at up to 3.125GHz provide a high-speed full duplex interface. Connecting these high-speed signals to the memory arrays is a Xilinx® Virtex™-5 LX50T FPGA. The device is a memory controller, and is not designed to host User Programmable Logic (UPL) inside of it. Off of the LX50T are two independent memory arrays, each capable of interfacing to 1-2GB of DDR2 memory. Each array is 72-bits wide, with a 64-bit data path and ECC. Single bit errors are corrected and double-bit errors are detected through the memory controllers logic. The DDR2 arrays provide over 3GB/s of data bandwidth.

The MM-6171 also includes a fully verified bus interface and DMA engine. With Serial RapidIO, each link of the x4 bus interface runs at 3.125GHz. The Serial RapidIO DMA engine is a corner-turning, striding DMA engine, providing advanced functionality for DSP designs. For PCI Express, each link of the x8 bus interface runs at 2.5GHz. The PCI Express interface also comes with a full-featured DMA engine.

VMETRO provides MM-6171 drivers for VxWorks® 6.x and Linux 2.6.x. The MM-6171 is available in commercial, convection-cooled and ruggedized, conduction-cooled variants.

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