Xilinx Virtex-5Q FPGA Family for Aerospace and Defense

Xilinx announced the Virtex-5Q family of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. The Virtex-5Q FPGA delivers the highest performance, largest capacity FPGAs with ruggedized packaging and advanced cryptographic capabilities, and is the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of defense-grade devices that are also available in bare die form for customized form factors. Select members of the Virtex-5Q device portfolio are now in production for the Virtex-5Q LX, LXT and SXT families. Shipments of Virtex-5Q FXT FPGAs will start this quarter. All devices can be ordered in a variety of packaging options and in bare die form.

The inherent re-programmability and SCC technology advances of Virtex-5Q FPGAs overcome the limitations of traditional ASIC and ASSP approaches, making them ideal for secure communications applications, as well as for electronic warfare, aircraft and transport vehicles; C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance); radar; and missiles and munitions.

The new Virtex-5Q FPGA family leverages the ASMBL architecture and underlying programmable technologies of Virtex-5 FPGAs to deliver 30% higher speeds, 65% more capacity, and 35% lower dynamic power consumption on average over previous generations. The Virtex-5Q family is the first defense-grade FPGA family to be offered with ruggedized packaging across the board for redundant protection against ‘tin-whiskering’ and robust support for military assembly processes to ensure the highest quality possible for mission-critical applications.

The Virtex-5Q family consists of defense-grade devices selected from the 65-nanometer Virtex-5 LX and LXT family for high performance logic with connectivity including multi-gigabit serial transceivers, Virtex-5 SXT family for digital signal processing (DSP), and Virtex-5 FXT family for embedded processing. These devices deliver a scalable mix of performance up to 500 MHz, densities up to 330,000 logic cells, and flexible embedded processing and high-speed connectivity capabilities.

More info: Xilinx Virtex-5Q Family (pdf)