Xilinx Virtex-5 FX70T PowerPC, MicroBlaze Embedded Development HW/SW Kit

Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) announced the Embedded Development HW/SW Kit – Virtex-5 FX70T PowerPC and MicroBlaze Processor Edition. Built around the Virtex-5 FXT FPGA system integration platform, the new development kit enables both hardware and software designers to quickly architect, develop and debug a wide range of processing applications targeting communications, military, aerospace and many others markets. The Embedded Development HW/SW Kit – Virtex-5 FX70T FPGA PowerPC & MicroBlaze Processor Edition (Model Number DK-V5-EMBD-ML507-G) is immediately available from Xilinx, sales channels and online store for $2,595 US.

Embedded Development HW/SW Kit Features

  • Xilinx Device: XC5VFX70TFFG1136
  • Flexible Virtex-5 FXT ML507 Development Board
  • Award Winning Platform Studio embedded tool suite
  • Complete ISE Foundation™ FPGA design software
  • Powerful reference designs accelerate your development
  • Communications cables and comprehensive documentation

The new development kit provides embedded system developers with all of the tools they need to get started quickly on their embedded processing designs. Starting with the award-winning Xilinx Platform Studio and ISE Design Suite design environments, the kit also provides a Virtex-5 FX70T FPGA development board, the ML507, to accelerate system design; Linux reference designs; robust library of processing IP cores; and a USB JTAG download/debug cable. The ML507 includes flexible on-board memory options as well as many industry-standard connectivity interfaces to complement the Virtex-5 FX70T FPGA device with an integrated high-performance, low-latency PowerPC 440 processing block.

The kit includes a pre-built Linux image and embedded processing reference design based on the PowerPC 440 processor, DDR2 memory interface and Gigabit Ethernet interface to help hardware designers get started quickly. They can also build fully customizable designs from scratch using the easy-to-use Base System Builder wizard and add their custom IP using Xilinx Platform Studio. The ML507 board provides users with a range of high performance I/O interfacing options including standard interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express as well as custom interfaces they can develop using the gigabit transceivers available on the Virtex-5 FXT device using SMA connectors.

Embedded Ecosystem Support

  • Linux
    • Wind River General Purpose Platform, Linux Edition 2.0
    • MontaVista Linux 4.0 (5.0 coming soon)
    • LynuxWorks BlueCat Linux 5.4.1
    • TimeSys Linux
  • RTOS
    • Wind River’s VxWorks
    • Green-Hills INTEGRITY
    • ExpressLogic ThreadX

Embedded Development HW/SW Kit – Virtex-5 FX70T PowerPC & MicroBlaze Processor Edition

  • ML507 Development Board (Evaluation Platform)
  • Ultimate Productivity with the ISE Design Suite
  • ISE(TM) Foundation(TM) tool suite (full seat license)
  • Award winning Platform Studio(TM) embedded tool suite (full seat license)
  • Pre-Verified Reference Designs
  • Support for developing Embedded software with Linux or various RTOS’ for PowerPC 440 processor
  • USB JTAG Probe, Regional Power Supply
  • Compact FLASH device, Cross-Over Ethernet & Serial Cables
  • Documentation

More info: Embedded Development HW/SW Kit – Virtex-5 FX70T PowerPC & MicroBlaze Processor Edition