Aldec ALINT 2012.01 Includes Documentation Support for Safety-Critical Designs

Aldec rolled out ALINT 2012.01. The latest version features documentation support that addresses the strict guidelines placed on various safety-critical industries such as DO-254 for avionics, IEC 61508/61513 for nuclear and ISO 26262 for automotive. The ability to generate a report with complete analysis of detected violations and justification of waivers can help engineers decrease the effort in documentation and reporting. ALINT 2012.01 with support for VHDL or Verilog DO-254 design rule plug-in is available now.

ALINT is a design rule checking application for HDL-based FPGA/ASIC designs. ALINT 2012.01 extends the Exclusion Management mechanism, enabling the ability to specify irrelevant coding standard violations and justify any specified waivers from within the industry. The new Exclusion Management mechanism is fully integrated with the Violation Viewer and reporting engine. It facilitates the desirable practice of creating quality design artifacts essential to obtaining compliance with the requirements outlined in the various safety-critical design assurance standards.

The standalone reports may include both relevant and irrelevant coding standard violations and could be viewed on any standard web browser independent of ALINT. The reports allow for navigation through the design hierarchy, coding standard violation analysis, and cross-probing from the violation to the source files. It provides complete visibility into the quality of design at that point in the development cycle.

More info: Aldec, Inc.