Ampex Selects DapTechnology FireLink 1394b Link Layer Controller IP Core

Ampex Data Systems has selected the DapTechnology FireLink 1394b Link Layer Controller IP Core for their data recording products. FireLink, implemented in industry-standard VHDL code, is available for Xilinx and Altera FPGA devices. The product is targeted at applications requiring up to 800 Mbits/Sec of bandwidth and embedded designs requiring a general purpose IEEE 1394b Link Layer Controller. FireLink provides facilities for transmitting and receiving IEEE 1394 packets, including asynchronous, isochronous, and PHY packets at speeds of up to 800Mb/s. Future FireLink enhancements will enable support for 1.6 and 3.2 Gbits/Sec speeds. DapTechnology markets both a Basic and Extended version of FireLink. The FireLink Basic version is optimized for small core sizes while the FireLink Extended version, which leverages on OHCI-compatible DMA transfer technology, is optimized for high throughput applications. FireLink and FireLink Evaluation Kits are currently shipping.

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