RoweBots Unison Ultra Tiny Linux RTOS for Actel SmartFusion FPGA

The RoweBots Unison ultra tiny Linux compatible OS is now available for Actel SmartFusion devices. Thanks to the partnership, developers now have the option for Linux-based embedded systems when using SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGAs. Unison consists of a set of modular software components that are either free or commercially licensed. All Unison versions are strictly tested with standardized POSIX test suites. Unison includes over 30 demonstration programs that work out of the box in ten minutes with SoftConsole.

Full Linux implementations require a CPU with a memory management unit (MMU). Embedded Linux does not require an MMU, but has a large memory footprint. Unison RTOS offers POSIX and Linux compatibility with hard real-time performance, complete I/O modules, small memory footprint, and an easily understood environment for device driver programming. Seamless integration with FPGA and analog features are fast and easy.

RoweBots Unison v4 RTOS Highlights

  • Free
  • Linux- and POSIX-compatible kernel
  • Serial I/O and file system
  • Six demonstration programs
  • Upgraded documentation and source code
  • Free for non-commercial use Unison V4 TCP/IP server
  • Commercial License upgrade for Unison V4 TCP/IP server with three demonstration programs, DHCP client and source code

RoweBots Unison v5 RTOS Highlights

  • Linux- and POSIX-compatible kernel
  • Serial I/O, file system, extensive feature set, full documentation, source code and 20+ demonstration programs
  • Commercial Unison V5 TCP/IPv4 with extended feature set, sockets interface, multiple network interfaces, PPP support, DHCP client, documentation, source code and six demonstration programs
  • Commercial Unison V5 FAT and NAND/NOR Flash file systems both Linux- and POSIX-compatible with demonstration programs
  • Commercial Unison V5 advanced networking with Linux and POSIX compatibility and demonstration programs. This includes: DHCP server, PPP features, Telnet, and TFTP
  • Commercial Unison V5 tiny HTTP server with authentication, ultra tiny footprint and CGI interface
  • Commercial Unison V5 tiny POSIX Shell (posh) with authentication. The command set supports target file and file I/O manipulation including viewing, moving, deleting, creating, permission and ownership changes and more. This is required for Telnet operation.
  • Commercial support in blocks of 10 hours for Unison V5
  • Unison V5 for SmartFusion training course

Unison 4 is free and downloadable from Actel for commercial use and includes basic features, documentation, a serial I/O package and a file system. Various upgrades for source code, documentation and networking are available for Unison 4. Unison 5 may be purchased from RoweBots and provides a fully supported commercial version with an extensive feature set, numerous add on modules, royalty free licenses, source code, extensive documentation, maintenance, consulting support and over 30 demos.

More information: Actel | RoweBots