TED inrevium TB-OP-FCRAM Evaluation Board Features Virtex-5 FPGA

Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) announced the inrevium TB-OP-FCRAM evaluation board for Fujitsu’s FCRAM. The board facilitates the testing of low-power consumption memory FCRAM in the SoC development by users who develop their own system LSIs. The board is ideal for developers of consumer digital products — such as digital TV, digital camera and portable media player. The inrevium TB-OP-FCRAM is available now, with a price at US$2,980.

The inrevium TB-OP-FCRAM includes a Virtex®-5 FPGA XC5VLX50-1FFG676C and 256Mbit FCRAM, and allows users who are developing SoC to perform interface evaluations using FCRAM quickly and at an early stage in the development process. In addition, the board provides not only the standalone evaluation of the FCRAM by using a memory controller design but also the evaluation on massive applications by connecting TED’s inrevium TB-5V-LX330-EX LSI prototype evaluation board. As an accessory, the board also provides a reference design (VerilogHDL) of DFI (DDR PHY Interface) compatible FCRAM memory controller, enables to implement the FCRAM interface easily and seamless migration to SoC.

TB-OP-FCRAM Features

  • FPGA: Xilinx XC5VLX50-1FFG676C
  • FCRAM: Fujitsu Microelectronics MB81EDS256545 (1M words x 64 bits x 4 banks)
  • Power supply: Linear Technology LTM4606, LTM4615
  • Optional expansion I/O: 2x Samtec 120-pin connectors
  • Planned reference designs: FCRAM PHY design with DFI support (Verilog HDL), DVI interface design (used to connect to TB-5V-LX330-EX)

More info: TED inrevium TB-OP-FCRAM