Tokyo Electron Device Limited Releases Virtex-7 FPGA Development Test Platform

Tokyo Electron Device Limited releases Virtex-7 FPGA development test platform

The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series Virtex-7 FPGA evaluation platform for next-gen, high-performance applications comes in three models in three FPGA logic sizes. It supports large-scale PCI Express Gen3 for demanding applications like next-gen wired communication, large-scale SoC prototyping, and high-speed data processing.

Semiconductor company Tokyo Electron Device’s TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series accommodates minimum, semi, and fully customized boards. It also supports improvements in flexibility for the design and development of high-volume production and rapid product launches with high added value.

TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP features:

  • Compatible with Virtex-7 XT FPGAs
  • x8-lane PCI Express Gen3
  • 4x FMC HPC connectors
  • 2 channels of 1,600 Mbps DDR3 SRAM SODIMM
  • 128 Mb SPI flash
  • USB 3.0
  • Substrate size: 140 mm x 312 mm (H x W)

The evaluation platform models are: TB-7VX-690T-PCIEXP, TB-7VX-980T-PCIEXP, and TB-7VX-1140T-PCIEXP. An optional fiber optic card (TB-FMCH-OPT10 FMC card) can be connected to the TB-7VX-xxxT-PCEXP with an optical cable interface for 10 channels of 10G optical modules on each FPGA FMC connector for a configuration of up to 500 Gbps. Other Tokyo Electron Device FMCs or custom interfaces can also be configured with the evaluation platform in order to facilitate combinations with varying interfaces and quick upgrades.

The evaluation platform comes with Verilog HDL reference designs (high-speed DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM interface and PCI Express DMA design) for quick evaluation for many types of memory interfaces for high-speed data transfers for increased image and data communication.

More information: TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP datasheet and Tokyo Electron Device.