Altera, Texas Instruments Introduce Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit

TI/Altera Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit

Altera and Texas Instruments announced the Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit. The modular kit eases RF prototyping for systems based on Altera’s 28nm Arria V FPGAs. It includes all the hardware and software needed for RF transmit, receive and digital pre-distortion feedback. The kit reduces the amount of time needed to design and verify RF systems. The TI/Altera Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit is available from Arrow Electronics for $6,299.

The Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit provides RF developers with access to the latest generation of 28-nm FPGAs from Altera, along with the newest analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and clocks from TI. The kit provides 2.5 times more transmit and digital pre-distortion feedback bandwidth than similar solutions and is the industry’s first complete main/diversity receive development platform supporting up to 75 MHz of bandwidth.

TI/Altera Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit Features

  • Arria V FPGA Development Board
  • Altera’s RF Framework Software
  • Two 28nm Arria V FPGA devices for system level design
  • Arria V GX- 360KLE, F1517 Package, 24X6G XCVRs, C6 speed grade
  • Three IO Expansion Slots (two HSMC and one FMC)
  • 2GB of SDRAM Memory, 4.5MB of QDRII Memory, and 512MB of Flash
  • Display port, SFP+ Connections, SMAs and the new Samtec Bullseye
  • TSW30H84EVM RF transmit reference design
  • TSW1266EVM digital pre-distortion feedback reference design
  • TSW1265EVM wideband dual-receiver reference design
  • TSW3065EVM standalone local oscillator source designed with the TRF3765 integer and fractional PLL/VCO
  • HSMC-ADC-Bridge and ArriaV-TI-Adapter to interface between TI and Altera hardware
  • Up to 500 MHz of transmit and feedback bandwidth
  • Up to 75 MHz of main/diversity receive bandwidth with 14-bit resolution and 31.5 dB of gain range
  • Low phase-noise-fractional phase-locked loop (PLL) / voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO)
  • Modular design

More info: TI/Altera Arria V FPGA RF Development Kit