Sundance Comments on OEM Component Business

Sundance is building-out its OEM component business to include a much broader range of function specific sub-modules and daughter cards. The initiative is part of the company’s strategy to further extend its market reach through better customer access to its Card Store and IP library. Cards and modules available under the OEM solutions banner range from Dual MIMO RF through Dual WiMax RF; Camera Link, Dual Gigabit Ethernet and DAQ modules from 125MHz through 1GHz. Across the range there is a choice of form factor, on-board memory configurations and max Bus speeds up to 1.25Gbps. Design Packages of IP are available that include source code, schematics and VHDL.

At the core of the Sundance OEM solution is conformance to the Texas Instruments Module (TIM) standard and open bus architecture that extends the life-time of ADC/DAC and I/O designs. Sundance modules enable an easy migration path across multiple generations of FPGA technology and easy interconnect with TI DSP in a multiprocessor environment.

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