Inrevium FPGA Imaging Application Evaluation Platform

The inrevium TB-3S-1400AN-IMG / TB-3S-3400DSP-IMG, from Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) (TOKYO:2760), is an imaging application evaluation platform equipped with Xilinx Spartan-3 AN/A-DSP FPGA. The inrevium TB-3S-1400AN-IMG / TB-3S-3400DSP-IMG supports the development of FPGA design in any kind of products that require image processing. TED also provides turnkey solutions cooperatively with IP partners and a wide variety of optional boards, in addition to the evaluation board. The inrevium TB-3S-1400AN-IMG/TB-3S-3400DSP-IMG is available now, with a price at US$1,440 and US$1,980.

Tokyo Electron Device inrevium TB-3S-1400AN-IMG / TB-3S-3400DSP-IMG Block Diagram

IPs such as H.264 Encoder, Face Recognizer, Video Stabilizer, Dynamic Range Correction/Noise Reduction and GUI development environments for embedded devices are available. Various optional boards for a wide range of target applications including DVI, USB, CameraLink, and Analog video interfaces are also available. These enable to reduce a risk associated with the development efforts that use the latest FPGA and realize efficient functional evaluation of target applications, and enabling time-to-market.


  • FPGA: Xilinx XC3S1400AN/XC3SD3400A-4FGG676C
  • LTC Power Management Solution
  • 32M x 16bit (512Mbits) DDR2 SDRAM x4
  • 8M x 8bit (64Mbits) Flash memory
  • 10/100/1000 BASE Ethernet Ports x2
  • Connector for touch panels, VGA output
  • Expansion ports for optional board x2
  • Reference design of DDR2 SDRAM frame buffer design (Verilog HDL) and graphic controller (VHDL)

More info: inrevium TB-3S-1400AN-IMG/TB-3S-3400DSP-IMG