inrevium TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC Quad Virtex-5 FPGA Computing Platform

The inrevium TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC, from Tokyo Electron Device (TED), is a Quad Virtex-5 FPGA High-Speed Computing Platform. The TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC features four Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T FPGAs and can realize high-speed and more complex processing (multiple data parallel processing). The inrevium TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC is ideal for academic, corporate, and other research institutions that require ultra-high-speed computing for research and development in fields such as astronomical and meteorological observations, DNA analysis, aerodynamics, and large-scale graphics algorithms. The inrevium TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC is available now.

inrevium TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC Features

  • Xilinx XC5VSX95T-1FFG1136C x 4 FPGA
    • GTP (Gigabit transceiver, 3.125Gbps)
    • 4ch connections between each FPGAs
    • 40 IO connections between each FPGAs
  • 512Mbit DDR2-SDRAM (8Mwords x 16 bits x 4 banks) x 8
  • 256Mbit Flash memory (32M x 8bits) x 1
  • GTP connectors 4ch x 4
  • Type-A Expansion I/O connectors 120pin (I/O 119pin) x 4
  • Type-B Expansion I/O connectors 100pin (I/O 42pin) x 4
  • Serial port: RS-232C x 1
  • Reference designs: DDR2 SDRAM controller design, GTP Tx and Rx design

More info: TB-5V-SX95T4-HSC Quad Virtex-5 SXT High-Speed Computing Platform