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TB-7V-2000T-LSI ASIC Development Test Platform Features Virtex-7 FPGA

Tokyo Electron Device TB-7V-2000T-LSI ASIC development test platform

Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) introduced the TB-7V-2000T-LSI ASIC development test platform. The inrevium TB-7V-2000T-LSI features a Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA. The TB-7V-2000T-LSI makes it possible to perform emulation and prototyping of large SoCs using a single FPGA instead of the multiple chips required in the past. The TB-7V-2000T-LSI ASIC development test platform can be ordered today. The tool will be begin shipping in early December 2012.

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ASSET InterTech Debuts DDR2/DDR3 Memory Link Test Instrument, Memory Tester

ASSET InterTech block diagram of an embedded memory BIST instrument

ASSET InterTech introduced their DDR2/DDR3 memory link test instrument and a generic memory tester. The two new memory test instruments are the latest addition to the ScanWorks embedded instrumentation library for their FPGA-controlled test (FCT) circuit board test tool. ScanWorks FCT can temporarily or permanently embed the two instruments in a functional field programmable gate array (FPGA) on a circuit board. The DDR2/DDR3 memory link tester and generic memory instrument are available now.

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White Paper: FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT): What it is and why it is needed

ASSET InterTech published a white paper about a new method for validating, testing and debugging circuit boards by embedding a board-tester-in-a-chip. The title of the technical article is: FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT): What it is and why it is needed. The paper describes a method call FPGA-controlled test (FCT). FCT involves the automatic insertion of multiple embedded instruments into a field programmable gate array to function as a board tester. The embedded board tester is then operated from an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

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White Paper: Using Multi-Gigabit Transceivers to Test and Debug FPGA

Byte Paradigm recently published a white paper about testing and debugging a FPGA with multi-gigabit transceiver. The technical paper features Byte Paradigm’s new Thunder Series probe. The PC-based instrument uses FPGA multi-gigabit transceivers as high-speed interface for collecting trace data and inserting test pattern stimulus during FPGA testing and debugging. The article discusses the advantages of using high bandwidth links in combination with adequate embedded instrumentation IP implemented in FPGA.

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NI LabWindows/CVI 2010

National Instruments recently released NI LabWindows/CVI 2010 ANSI C test and measurement software platform. The latest version increases developer productivity and simplifies field-programmable gate array (FPGA) communication. With LabWindows/CVI 2010, engineers can develop host applications to communicate with FPGA technologies using the FPGA-Interface C API,which is a new integrated tool for generating C source files that can be used to interact with compiled LabVIEW FPGA VIs. LabWindows/CVI 2010 is priced from $1,249 USD (euro 1,299; 175,000 yen).

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inrevium TB-6V-LX760-LSI Virtex-6 FPGA LSI Evaluation Platform

Tokyo Electron Device (TED) introduced the TB-6V-LX760-LSI LSI development test platform. The inrevium TB-6V-LX760-LSI features a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, high-speed memory (DDR3 SDRAM 1066Mbps), a USB interface, and support for a DDR memory controller and the DDR PHY interface (DFI). It is an ideal test platform for developing the LSIs that will serve as the core device in products featuring the next generation of high-quality image processing engines or video and communications control engines.

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Altera Stratix IV FPGA Devices Support 10-Gbps Interlaken Interface

Altera Stratix IV FPGAs passed the Interlaken Alliance’s device interoperability testing. Altera certified their FPGAs interface with third-party components using the Interlaken protocol. Stratix IV GT FPGAs passed interoperability testing at 6.25-Gbps line rates. According to Altera, their FPGA devices are the only Interlaken solution capable of supporting line rates of 10 Gbps. Device interoperability testing validates Stratix IV FPGAs for chip-to-chip Interlaken interface and ensures they can be quickly deployed as a turnkey solution for next-generation wireless and wireline infrastructure applications.

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