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Altera Debuts Five New Low Cost Cyclone V FPGA Development Kits

Altera introduced five new low-cost development kits based on its Cyclone V FPGAs. The Altera kits make it easy for designers to cost-effectively get started on FPGA development with an entry point of just $49. Altera’s portfolio of low-cost CPLDs, FPGAs and SoCs are available now in production. All low-cost development kits supporting the portfolio are available today.

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Cornell University Students Create Interesting FPGA Projects

Every year, the brilliant students at Cornell University work on some fabulous projects for their ECE 5760. The students were given the responsibility of choosing their project, then designing and building it. Projects were built using the Altera/Terasic DE2 Development and Education board. This year’s projects include: prime number generator and RSA encrypter/decrypter, Conway’s life synthesizer, hand video-tracking virtual piano and drums, finger video-tracking virtual string instrument, and hand video-tracking video game.

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Terasic Industrial Networking Kit

Altera has expanded their Industrial Networking Partner Program (INPP). Altera’s INPP now includes a new Industrial Networking Kit (INK) from Terasic. The kit features Altera’s Cyclone IV E FPGA. The combination of Altera’s INPP and the INK reduces development time by serving as a common development platform for embedded industrial designs. INK is available now for $795. INPP enables designers to access INK and Altera’s industrial intellectual property (IP) partners in one place. Designers can choose the industrial networking IP that suits their system.

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