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Xilinx Buys PetaLogix, Gains Embedded Linux Solutions for FPGAs

PetaLinux Embedded Linux

Xilinx has acquired PetaLogix, which is a provider of embedded Linux solutions. In the past, PetaLogix has provided a Linux distribution for Xilinx’s MicroBlaze and PowerPC processors. Recently, the company released a Linux distribution and tool chain for the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC. The PetaLogix commercial Linux distribution and the Embedded Linux SDK tool help developers get their jobs done without becoming deep Linux experts or be tied to a fixed BSP model.

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MEN Micro D602 Triple Redundant 6U cPCI PowerPC Single Board Computer

MEN Micro announced the 6U FPGA-based, triple-redundant D602 CompactPCI (cPCI) single board computer (SBC). The D602 board uses a lock-step architecture which provides a redundant computing system that runs the same set of operations in parallel, so the programming only views hardware components once. The MEN Micro module is ideal for highly mission-critical applications as found in the avionics and railway markets. Pricing for the D602 starts at $14,193. Delivery is six weeks ARO.

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