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Acromag Introduces APCe8670 PMC Module Carrier Card

Acromag APCe8670 PMC module Carrier Card with PCI Express Bus Interface

The Acromag APCe8670 carrier card features a PCI Express bus interface for PC-based embedded systems. Acromag’s FPGA modules or other PMC modules can be plugged into the PMC module carrier card to perform a variety of signal processing functions. With the APCe8670, system designers can use a wide range of available PMC FPGA and I/O modules when developing advanced computing systems on a PC platform with a PCI express bus. Prices start at $750 for the Acromag APCe8670.

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Acromag PMC-SLX Reconfigurable FPGA Module

Acromag announced their PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA modules. The PMC modules feature the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, high-throughput PCI-X interface, and dual-ported SRAM (256k or 1M x 64-bit). The base price of the Acromag PMC-SLX reconfigurable FPGA module is $2895 with extra memory and extended temperature options available. The ready-to-use FPGA computing module is ideal for advanced signal processing applications (such as hardware simulation, in-circuit diagnostics, communications, signal intelligence, and image processing).

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