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Altera Stratix V GT FPGA Interoperates with 100-Gbps Optical Module

Altera recently used their 28nm Stratix V GT FPGA devices to demonstrate interoperability with a 100-Gbps optical module. This is the first time a field programmable gate array has demonstrated interoperability with a 100-Gbps optical module. The Altera Stratix V GT FPGA’s interoperability with 100-Gbps optical module will enable next-generation 100-Gbps networks. This is of importance because more bandwidth will be required in the next few years because global Internet traffic expected to multiply dramatically.

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Lattice Programmable SPI-4.2 IP Core for LatticeECP3 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the SPI4 Intellectual Property (IP) core for OIF-compliant System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase 2 Revision 1 (SPI4.2.1). The full rate solution is based on LatticeECP3 Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The SPI-4.2 soft IP core supports up to 256 data channels with aggregate throughputs of between 3 and 12.8Gbps and can be used to connect network processors with OC192 framers, mappers, and fabrics, as well as Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet MACs. The Lattice SPI-4.2 IP core is available now ($3,000 list price).

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