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Barco Silex Debuts Multi-channel Video over IP with JPEG 2000 Reference Design

Barco Silex multi-channel Video over IP with JPEG 2000 reference design

Barco Silex released the multi-channel Video over IP with JPEG 2000 reference design. The VoIP reference design integrates the BarcoSilex JPEG 2000 Encoder and Decoder IP Cores, the Barco Silex high-performance memory controller core, and the Xilinx SMPTE 2022-1/2 and Ethernet MAC LogiCORE IP Cores for Xilinx 7 Series FPGAs and Zynq All Programmable SoC.

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Altera Advanced Systems Development Kit Goes Beyond HD

Altera introduced their Advanced Systems Development Kit. The system development kit can handle “beyond HD” resolutions and formats for engineers designing multi-channel and high-resolution video processing systems. Altera’s Advanced Systems Development Kit includes enough logic resources, I/O bandwidth, and external memory bandwidth to handle up to 8K ultra HD video processing.

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Altera, Eutecus Team on Four-Channel Video Analytics Solution

Altera introduced a new four-channel, standard definition (SD) video analytics solution targeting digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) for surveillance systems. The four-channel D1 video analytics solution is available now. The FPGA-based video surveillance solution is ideal for banking, education, city, industrial, government and traffic surveillance systems. Altera’s latest video analytics solution was jointly developed with Eutecus.

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RF Engines Demodulator Cores for FPGA Devices

RF Engines Limited (RFEL) is developing demodulator cores for FPGA devices. Building blocks include many typical demodulation functions such as symbol timing recovery, fine frequency/phase estimation and correction and SNR estimation. RFEL combined these functions to support multiple demodulation schemes simultaneously – providing parallel soft-symbol data stream outputs. RFEL’s demodulator cores will be available for licensing later this year.

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uDigitizer FPGA Based, Multi Channel, High Speed Digitizer

µDigitizer solutions are customizable, embedded processing and digitizer solutions. µDigitizers feature FPGA logic, memory, and multichannel A/D and D/A I/Os. µDigitizers are capable of uplinking and downlinking streams of data to a remote computer running on Linux or Windows through high-speed GigE interfaces. µDigitizers can also be connected to external RF front end systems for extended signals coverage. µDigitizers also benefit from ultra-high bandwidth cross-point links between FPGA elements through the µTCA backplane, making it possible to add DSP algorithms that can be simultaneously applied to all system channels – useful in such applications as MIMO telecommunications and medical imaging.

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