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Lattice Semiconductor Launches Diamond 2.0 Design Software

Lattice Diamond 2.0 design software for FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor released the latest version of their Diamond design software. Lattice Diamond 2.0 features advanced support for the new LatticeECP4 FPGA family. Lattice Diamond 2.0 software includes a complete set of easy to use, powerful design tools fine-tuned specifically for the logic fabric of their low power, low cost mid-range FPGA devices. New features include System Planner to support LatticeECP4 architecture and simplify the creation of complex high-speed 6 Gbps serial data transmission solutions without compromising cost targets.

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Leopard Imaging Dual Camera Module Kit Features Lattice MachXO2 PLD

Leopard Imaging dual camera module kit

Lattice Semiconductor and Leopard Imaging introduced a dual camera module kit. The dual HD IP camera solution enables the TI DaVinci TMS320DM368 video processor to interface to two 720p image sensors. This kit is ideal for engineers designing black box car drive recorders or other applications that require two cameras. For black box car drive recorder applications, one camera can be pointed out the front of the vehicle, while the other can be directed toward the driver. The dual camera module kit is available now for $399 from Leopard Imaging.

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Lattice Semiconductor Announces @MachXO2 Speed Seminars

Lattice Semiconductor is offering a series of free @MachXO2 Speed seminars. The Lattice events include hands-on technical training and live hardware demonstrations that focus on the MachXO2 PLD features that speed the design process and reduce time-to-market. The seminar’s hands-on hardware demonstrations utilize the versatile, battery-powered MachXO2 Pico Development Kit, which is discounted to $29 for the remainder of 2012.

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Lattice Semiconductor Unveils Power Management Solutions for Solid State Drives

Lattice Semiconductor's power management solutions for Solid State Drives (SSD)

Lattice Semiconductor introduced new power management solutions based on their Power Manager II devices. The solutions simplify and increase the reliability of power failure protection circuitry in Solid State Drives (SSD). The Lattice Power Manager II device simplifies and reduces the cost of power failure protection circuitry by integrating the charging and power switchover circuit of the hold-up capacitor. In the case of tantalum hold-up capacitor applications, it eliminates the need for a voltage boost converter.

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Lattice Semiconductor Releases Highest Density LatticeECP4-190 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor LatticeECP4 Family - Low Cost, Low Power FPGA devices

The LatticeECP4-190 FPGA is the highest density member of Lattice Semiconductor’s LatticeECP4 family. The LatticeECP4-190 FPGA features 183K LUTs, 480 double data rate DSP multipliers (18×18), 5.8 Mbits of memory and twelve 6 Gbps SERDES channels. The LatticeECP4-190 FPGA is shipping now to select customers. Volume shipment will be begin the second half of 2013. Prices for the device in the 676fcBGA package start at $60 in 100K unit volumes. The LatticeECP4-190 silicon is ideal for cost- and power-sensitive wireless, wireline, video and computing applications.

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Lattice Semiconductor Announces Four Reference Designs for MachXO2 PLD

MachXO2 EFB Block Diagram

Lattice Semiconductor released four new reference designs for their low cost, low power MachXO2 family of programmable logic devices (PLDs). Lattice’s entire portfolio of reference designs optimized for the MachXO2 family can be downloaded at no cost from the Lattice website. Five new demonstration designs and three updated application notes focused on the embedded, Flash memory-based EFB are also now available.

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Lattice Released iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA in Volume Production

Lattice Semiconductor's iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA family

Eight devices in the Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA family have been fully qualified and released into volume production. The low power LP640, LP1K, LP4K and LP8K devices, and the higher performance HX640, HX1K, HX4K and HX8K devices have been production released with 17 different device/package combinations.

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Lattice Introduces New Power Management Architecture, Releases Two App Notes

Platform Manager Provides Centralized Sequencing and Monitoring of up to 36 Power Supplies

Lattice Semiconductor introduced a new power management architecture. The new in-system upgradable, star topology power management architecture can be used across a wide range of circuit boards requiring over 12 power supply rails. In addition, Lattice also released two new application notes for their Platform Manager devices that will enable engineers to quickly adopt the new architecture.

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Lattice Semiconductor Packs MachXO2 PLD into 32 QFN Package

Lattice Semiconductor MachXO2 Programmable Logic Devices

Lattice Semiconductor’s MachXO2 family of programmable logic devices (PLD) is available in a new 32 QFN (Quad Flatpack No-leads) package. Engineering samples of the MachXO2-256 in the 32 QFN package are available now. Production-qualified versions will be available in the third quarter of this year. MachXO2 PLDs with 256 LUTs are priced at $0.55 in volumes of 250K units. The programmable devices are supported in Lattice Diamond design software version 1.4.2.

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Lattice Semiconductor Introduces Sony IMX136 Image Sensor Bridge

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the Sony IMX136 image sensor bridge. The new image sensor bridge design utilizes the low power, low cost Lattice MachXO2 PLD (programmable logic device) to interface to the Sony IMX136 image sensor. The Sony IMX136 image sensor bridge design helps engineers to quickly introduce cameras based on the Sony IMX136. The image sensor bridge design is available now for download, and the MachXO2-1200 PLD is in full production.

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