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Lattice Semiconductor Introduces MachXO3 FPGA Family

Lattice Semiconductor recently introduced their ultra-low density MachXO3 Field Programmable Gate Array family. The new FPGA devices are the world’s smallest, lowest-cost-per I/O programmable platform aimed at expanding system capabilities and bridging emerging connectivity interfaces using both parallel and serial I/O. First production of the MachXO3 device shipments are scheduled for the end of 2013. Prices start below $1 in high volume.

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Lattice Semiconductor Debuts Diamond v2.2, iCEcube2 v2013-03 Software

Lattice Semiconductor released Diamond v2.2 FPGA logic design software and iCEcube2 v2013-03 software for the iCE40 device family. Both Lattice software tools can be downloaded now. Lattice Diamond and iCEcube2 are ideal for low-power, low-cost, space-constrained systems. The software releases support new additions to Lattice’s ultra-low density FPGA product line.

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Lattice Sensor Extender Reference Design Uses Two MachXO2 FPGAs

Lattice Semiconductor SensorExtender reference design

Lattice Semiconductor recently introduced the SensorExtender reference design. The Sensor Extender is a low-cost solution for remotely locating image sensors up to eight meters away from the image signal processor (ISP) and transmit and receive video signals at resolutions that range up to 720p60 and 1080p30. The reference design is tested with the Aptina MT MT9M024 and the Lattice HDR-60 camera development kit’s base board.

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MSC and eVision Offers Lattice Development CPLDs and FPGAs Workshops

MSC and eVision Systems will be hosting Lattice FPGA workshops next month. The one-day events will focus on FPGA design with VHDL using MachXO2 devices from Lattice Semiconductor. The workshops are held in German language with English slides. The workshop costs 129€ per person plus VAT. The training includes a MachXO2 Breakout Board and Lattice SW starter kit.

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Lattice Semiconductor Introduces Tiny iCE40 LP384 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 LP384 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor announced the iCE40 LP384 FPGA. It is the smallest member of the iCE40 family of ultra-low density FPGAs. The iCE40 LP384 FPGA architecture is ideal for capturing and processing large amounts of data at hardware speeds while using very little power and board space. The iCE40 LP384 FPGA devices are available in sample quantities. Present packaging options include 32-pin QFNs (5.0 mm x 5.0 mm), 36-ball ucBGAs (2.5 mm x 2.5 mm), and 49-pin ucBGAs (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm).

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Lattice Semiconductor Releases New Versions of Diamond and iCEcube2 Design Tools

Lattice Diamond design tool ~ Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the latest versions of Lattice Diamond and iCEcube2 design tools. The new versions improve power calculations and design productivity for the creation of mobile and consumer, communication, and industrial systems that undergo fast design cycles, demand power efficiency, and have aggressive cost constraints.

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Lattice Showcase FPGA Design Solutions for Consumer and Mobile Devices at CES

Lattice Semiconductor will host a private meeting suite at the Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11 in Las Vegas. At CES, Lattice will demonstrate several new FPGA-based design solutions for consumer and mobile devices. According to Lattice, the company is enabling continuous mobile innovation with the lowest power, smallest form factor FPGAs available for mobile and consumer product design. Lattice will be in suite 2980 in the East Tower, Las Vegas Hotel.

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Lattice Semiconductor Debuts Control Development Kit for MachXO2 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the Control Development Kit

Lattice Semiconductor introduced the Control Development Kit for the MachXO2 family of ultra-low density FPGA devices. The Control Development Kit simplifies prototyping of systems and demonstrates its use in a wide range of system control applications. The MachXO2 Control Development Kit is available now for $189. All MachXO2 FPGAs are fully production qualified and have been shipping since 2011.

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Lattice Semiconductor Offers iCEblink40 Evaluation Kits for $19

Lattice Semiconductor is offering a special price on their recently released iCEblink40 Evaluation Kits. The company is offering the iCEblink40-HX1K and iCEblink40-LP1K Evaluation Kits at a promotional price of $19. The special promotional price will expire after October 31, 2012.

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Lattice Semiconductor Debuts Serial sub-LVDS Bridge Design for Sony IMX136, IMX104 Image Sensors

Lattice Semiconductor serial sub-LVDS bridge reference design for the Sony IMX136 and IMX104 image sensors

Lattice Semiconductor introduced a serial sub-LVDS bridge reference design for the Sony IMX136 and IMX104 image sensors. Lattice’s image sensor bridge design helps engineers quickly introduce cameras based on the Sony IMX136 and IMX104. The image sensor bridge design is available now for download, and the MachXO2-1200 (featured in the reference design) is in full production.

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